How to Become an Information Security Analyst

Information Security

What is an Information Security Analyst?

An information security analyst is someone who takes measures to protect a company’s critical data and is proactive in preventing cyber attackers from hacking sensitive information. They do this by coming up with innovative solutions to prevent critical information from being stolen, damaged, or compromised by cybercriminals.

Fun Fact

People sometimes confuse Security Analyst and Security Administrators, there’s a difference:

Security Analysts – analyze data and recommend/request changes to higher ups, however, Security Analyst do not authorize and implement changes. Their main task is keeping attackers out.

Security Administrators – make sure that systems are working as designed by making changes, applying patches and setting up new admin users. Their main job is to maintain and keep systems up and running.

What does an Information Security Analyst do?

Information Security Analyst have to stay up to date on the latest methods attackers are using to invade computer systems/ IT security. They also develop and carry out security measures that protect their organizations computer network and systems.


There are a number of information security certifications available, and many employers prefer job candidates to have one. Certification validates the knowledge and best practices required from information security analysts.

Fortunately, New Horizons Atlanta offers a variety of top cyber security training from leading IT Security vendors. At New Horizons, our cyber security offerings are designed to ensure that your organization can be the “Secure Organization”—enabling you to target specific training for your business based on information security threats and organizational job roles.


These are the 4 essential skills every Information Security Analyst needs to have if you want to excel!

  1. Cybersecurity
  2. Soft Skills
  3. Problem Solving Skills
  4. Time Management Skills

A Day in the Life Of An Information Security Analyst


Most information security analysts work full time. Information security analysts sometimes have to be on call outside of normal business hours in case of an emergency at their organization.

Many information security analysts also work with other members of an information technology department, such as network administrators and or computer systems analysts.

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