What is Digital Transformation ?

Digital Transformation is the outcome of IT-enabled change that is aligned with business objectives and driven by a well-planned strategy . Digital transformation is about making a profound change in an organization using technology.

The key elements of Digital Transformation

  1.  Improving customer experience 
  2. Transforming operational processes 
  3. Changing your business model 

Digital Transformation is :

  • IT innovation aligned with your business goals
  • Both technological and culture shift 
  • Leveraging the technology that adds value 
  • Creating new business models and opportunities 
  • Fundamental , company wide initiative 
  • Long-term process requiring a well-planned strategy 

Digital Transformation is not :

  • Adopting technology for the sake of using it
  • Just a digitalization of business processes 
  • Using the latest technology and gadgets 
  • Minor adjustment to existing processes 
  • Single project , department or business line 
  • Short-term tactic or one-time fix 

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