High School Career Planning : Research a Career Rack Card

 Encourage your students to choose and research a career they’d like to learn more about. This engaging rack card provides information on how to research a career, and it asks students to find specific information on a career of their choice. This resource is perfect for helping high school students get serious about career planning. 

 Researching a career means that you learn everything you can about that career . It’s important to thoroughly research a career before you seriously consider it .


When researching a career , look for and think about the following .

Tasks and responsibilities – What does someone in this career actually do ? Is this something you think you would enjoy doing every day ?

How do you become one ? – What kind of education / training does this career require ? Is the amount of education required something you could do ? For example , to be a veterinarian , you need 7-9 years of college .

Pay – What is the average starting pay ? Will this pay meet your needs ?

Work environment – Where do people in this career field work ? What are the working conditions and work schedules like ?

Job Outlook – Is this a growing career ? Will it be easy to find a job in this career ? For example , our nation’s healthcare needs are increasing , making healthcare a fast growing career field , with lots of jobs available .

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