5 Steps to becoming a professional translator

 Roughly 90% of those who inquire in a language services company are not qualified to be translators or interpreters.

Get Certified 

 Certification may not be required to be a successful translator or interpreter, but if you’re starting out in this industry, it is the place to start.

Get Tested

 Another resume builder is to take language proficiency tests to show potential clients that you are indeed fluent in your specific language.

Gain Experience

 It is crucial to get experience where you can show samples of your work to potential clients and get recommendations.

Market Yourself 

 A great way to market your services is to start a website or blog and join the active community of online language professionals.

Keep Learning

 As you progress as a translator / interpreter, there are other areas to consider as well. If you have had success as a translator, maybe you could consider diversifying and becoming a certified court or medical interpreter.

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