A Detailed Guide To Test Scenario

Test Scenario, also known as Scenario Testing, is a way of ensuring the functionality of the software while validating its conformance with various business requirements.


– Consists of Detailed Test Procedure.

– One Liner Statement.

– Makes For easy prioritization.


– Knowledge of the domain to understand the software’s business and functional requirements.

– Comprehensive and careful assessment of the stated requirements should be done.

– Team should understand the workflow concerning the stated requirements.

– Required tools and resources should be accumulated before testing commences.


– Validates complete test coverage.

– Ensures that software is working accurately for each use case.

– Helps organize the testing workflow for an organization.

– Assists the team in getting accurate functionality & performance of the software.

– Can be used to find any discrepancies in the software.

– Allows the team to deliver an effective and efficient user experience.


– Prevents Repetitive Testing

– Saves time, Money and Efforts

– Helps build Better Test Cases

– Helps test a Software from Users Perspective


Test Cases

1. Defines how the software will be tested.

2. Consists descriptive & detailed reports and documents.

3. time and cost consuming.

Test Scenarios

1. Defines what needs to be tested.

2. Offers brief & comprehensive reports & documents.

3. Saves time, cost, and efforts..

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