Anatomy of a Landing Page

What is a landing page and how to design one: a detailed infographic.


The Headline is the Most Important part of Your Landing Page!


Subheaders reinforce your main headline and provide extra information about your offer.

Images & Video

A remarkable image or video can be more impactful than body copy!

Trust Elements

“Elements like customer testimonials, awards, partner logos, and security badges are validators and tell visitors they can trust your business.” -John Doe

Body Copy

Your body copy is where you go into more detail about your offer. Effective body copy should:

• Allay fears and address potential problems your visitors might have 

• Reinforce the benefits of your offer and provide solutions to above problems Encourage 

• visitors to click your call to action

Call to Action

Your call to action is where visitors click to convert.


Forms can be used to easily collect information and complete essential business-building actions such as adding contacts to your list or taking payments online.

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