The Ultimate On Page SEO ✓ Checklist

My on page SEO checklist for 2022 will take you through 27x important things your website must have. Follow my step by step list to fix your site!

27x On Page SEO Factors You MUST Pay Attention To

✔ Keyword In URL

A small ranking factor that should be part of your SEO.

✔ Length Of URL

Crawler bots like short and simple URLs as it saves them time to figure out the site..

✔ Keyword At The Start Of Title Tag

Search Engines will find your keyword as fast as possible.

✔ Page Title In HI Tags

This will help your title stand out to Google’s crawlers.

✔ Keyword In The First 50-100

The sooner Google bots find your keywords the better.

✔ Keyword In Meta Description

Boost pages overall ranking by including the keyword.

✔ Outbound Links

Include outbound links to demonstrate value to the search engines.

✔ Inbound Links

These links make your website much easier to crawl and add loads of SEO value.

✔ Working Links

Make sure all links on your website work. Broken links can do a lot of damage.

✔ Optimized Image Alt Tag

Crawlers can’t see images so this helps them understand what it is.

✔ Mobile Responsive

A website must be mobile friendly or they will struggle to rank.

✔ Site Speed

An official ranking factor that if not met will cost you money and rankings.

✔ HTTPs Security

Keep your site secure and Google will thank you for it.

✔  Length Of Dwell Time

Keep people on your page and Google will interpret this as quality content.

✔ Content Structure

Ensure your content allows for quick navigation with clear headings and images.

✔ Unique Content

Avoid duplicate content like the plague because Google does too.

✔  Content Reading Level

Write for your audience level. If it’s a beginner guides you should write at a basic level etc…

✔ Synonym Rich Content

Try using keywords that are synonyms to rank for extra keywords.

✔  Length Of Content

Longform content usually outperforms shortform so figure out what works and stick with it.

✔ Depth Of Content

Add depth by using relevant detail.

✓ Freshness Of Content

Keep content up to date. This will attract more visitors and promote higher rankings.

✔ Bounce Rate

Lower your bounce rate by keeping your visitors interested.

✔ Use of Multimedia

This will increase social shares and the content will be perceived as having a higher value.

✔ Spelling & Grammar

Mistakes won’t kill your website but they won’t do you any favors either.

✔ Subheading H2 Tags

Help Google crawlers further define content.

✔ LSI Keywords

Include words and phrases that relate to your keyword.

✔ Keyword Order

Mix up your keywords so you aren’t using the exact same phrases all

the time.

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