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How does a teacher or student coach in PBL?

“Where am I going next?”


• Asks probing questions like “What makes you say that?” Scaffolds questioning with visible stems Examples:

• What would it look like if …?

• What do you think would happen if…?


Suspends judgement

Focuses intently to show empathy

• Pauses to provide think time and reflection Tunes into the body language of coachee • Respectfully paraphrases to verify the message


• Provides effective feedback in a timely manner

• Addresses how learner is advancing to goal . Uses routines/protocols like “Be kind. Be specific. Be helpful.” (Berger)

• Waits for verbal or visible invitation by coachee to give feedback


• Invites others to make meaning of experience

• Discusses, interviews, or questions

• Captures written reflections in journals or logs

• Embeds intentional opportunities throughout project for individual and group reflection


• Implements gradual release of responsibility model

• Models task (show them)

Supports with guided practice (help them) Allows to do task independently (let them)


• Selects language carefully Chooses positive words

• Conveys faith in student’s ability

• Builds relational trust in first weeks of school

• Creates a “We’re in this together” culture

All sources cited on blog post Coaching Team PBL

Compiled by Myla Lee MyTLee3


“Where am I going?”

“How am I doing?”

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