10 Simple Steps For Boosting Your Blogs On-Page SEO

Use Your Main Keyword in the Post Title

Try to use your main keyword right in your title. This sends huge signals to Google on what the topic of your article is about.

Use Short & Sweet URL Slugs

Using long, complicated, and ugly URLs is bad practice. Keep them clean and include your keyword when possible.

Use a Click Worthy Meta Description

Once you get on page #1 of Google, you need to get people to click through. Your descriptions should immediately solve their problems.

Include Keyword at the Beginning of Post

Let Google know what your article is about in the first 100-200 words by including your keyword.

Sprinkle LSI Keywords Throughout Post

Include related thematic keywords naturally throughout your post. Help Google understand the broad topic of the article.

Internally Link Related Posts

Connect your previously written related articles to further Google’s understanding of your new post. This is a Quick SEO juice hack!

Link to Authoritative Sites in Niche

Be helpful to your readers by linking to high authority sites. This also helps Google thematically understand your new content.

Optimize Images with Keywords

Save images using Keywords to your desktop. After uploading, add the keyword to the title and ALT text.

Optimize Your Site Speed

Check your website speed monthly with tools like GtMetrix. If your site takes more than 3-4 seconds to load it is time to optimize.

Create Epic Content

The average word count for a page #1 ranking article on Google is 1,890! Make sure you are putting in the time and effort to make epic content.

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