Computers become slow down with old age. But there are a few steps and tricks which really helps you if you want the answer of the question How to Make Computer Faster?

Customize Windows PC Startup

In this you will have to manage programs that run automatically during computer startup. Click startup tab of your task manager [Window 8] or by running “msconfig” [Window 7].

Do clean ups

Remove all the unwanted programs, for this you can use free tools like CCleaner, Dropit.

Clean Hardware

Cleaning your hardware components of your PC is a great help in getting it to run faster. Remove cards and cables, use brush to clean PC.

Uninstall and Reinstall Windows

After some time windows become slows down. So, this is time to reinstall new window for your computer to run faster.

Install SSD

Install SSD will improve the sluggishness of your PC. It will supercharge your boot time, file transfer and application launches.

Replace Computer Graphic Card

If you love to play games and still want to use old PC, replace your graphic card with new one

Turn into portable Gaming client

It is an easy task to turn old laptop into a pretty descent gaming rig. You can utilize your primary PC as a server.

Instead of windows, install Linux

Install Linux to run your PC faster, it also make computer much usable for day to day basis, because it has a lighter footprint as compare to Windows.

Give your Old PC a single Role

It is better to use your old computer for a singular role. If you have working laptop than use old PC for home theater file server or even a gaming rig.

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