How to Become a Succesful Social Media Consultant

In this article, we’ll provide seven useful tips on how to become a successful social media consultant in your industry and show you the common mistakes.


Consultant Checklist


  • Register for a business license
  • Research insurance and liability options
  • Write a business plan 
  • Create a proposal and contract template
  • Set up invoicing and accounting software
  • Decide on management and analytics platform
  • Learn about project management and to-do list apps


  • Decide on services you want to offer
  • Decide on a client base
  • Research your competitors and their prices 
  • Create a sales funnel


  • Set up a website or other professional portfolio 
  • Decide how you want clients to find you
  • Bolster your personal brand by blogging and posting about social media
  • Network with industry professional and set up referrals


  • Find professional development resources like conferences and classes
  • Keep up with social media news and changes
  • Expand your business by adding new services , products and industries

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