How Much Do Data Analysts Make?

How Much Do Data Analysts Make

Data analysts use mathematical and analytical methods to transform data into better data-driven business decisions. As the amount of data available to businesses increases, so too does the demand for skilled data analysts to process and interpret it. ⚙️

Data analysts are typically paid well for their skills. ?

In this post, you’ll learn how much data analysts earn on average.

If you’re interested in starting or advancing your career as a data analyst, we’ll also talk about some ways you may be able to boost your earning potential. ??

How Much is the Average Pay for a Data Analysts?

The average base pay for a data analyst in the United States in is $62,382, according to job listing site Glassdoor.

Data analyst salaries by experience

Moving into a leadership role can further boost your earning potential. Glassdoor reports that analytics managers earn an average salary of $129,620 in the US, while directors of analytics earn $169,723.

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