Complete on Page SEO Factors

Keyword Strategies

Keywords in Meta Tag

• Use Keywords in Meta Title in starting

• Use Keywords in starting of Meta Description

Keyword Strategy in Content

• Keyword Density-2 to 3%

• Keywords must be used in the first 50 to 100 words and in last 50 to 100 words also.

 • Keyword must be in the Image alt tag.

• Key words should be highlighted in Bold/ Italic / Underlined. Example – Keyword

Keywords in H1 Tag

• The H1 tag of your site must have a keyword in it.

Content Strategies

Must Have

• Content must be a minimum of 300 words.

• Longest Content = Higher Ranking

• Visual presentation is must in the form of Images / Videos.

• External link of related high authority website

Must Avoid

• Spelling errors in content = Negative impact on rank.

•Duplicate Content = Killing the rank for always

URL Strategy

Bad Practice


• more-more-more-more (too Long URL)

Goog Practice

• techniques (Short URL)

• Keyword must be used in URL

• Use canonical URL to avoid duplicate problems within websites.

Most Important On Page Factors

Loading time

• Less than 1.5 second- Superb/ guaranteed high rank

• Less than 3 second – Good

• More than 5 second – 50% traffic loss

• More than 10 seconds – 90% traffic loss


• Create it + manage it + submit it in search engines

Responsive Design

• Website must open on every mobile/ tablet/notebook/laptop. (Otherwise rank drop)

Add social Buttons

•Use social icons on your blog to make content shareable in social networks.

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